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General FAQ

What resources does BCPL use for downloadable media?

  • Overdrive eBooks and audiobooks and magazines
  • Hoopla eBooks, audiobooks, music, video, comics. 
  • Tumblebooks kids eBooks and readalongs
  • Kanopy streaming video

Do any of these resources have late fees?

Like all BCPL checkouts, there are no late fees!  Also, items checked out with resources that use due dates (Overdrive and Hoopla) automatically return on the due date. No action is needed.  

What devices are compatible with these resources?

  • Computer.  Library material from Overdrive, Hoopla, RBDigital, and Tumblebooks can be read/listened to on the browser of your computer.  Simply find your resource under the Digital Library page under the "Books and More" menu to get started.     
  • Smartphone and Tablet.  Overdrive, Hoopla, RBDigital, and Tumblebooks all have apps available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.  Links to these apps are also available within our library's app, too.  
  • MP3 player.  Overdrive audiobooks can be downloaded and transferred to MP3 players.  

How can I get detailed step-by-step instructions or further help?

Resource-specific FAQ

How are Overdrive and Hoopla different?

Overdrive operates more like a traditional library checkout system, as our staff selects titles to add to the collection.  This means that we can take suggestions for items to add.  You can even make suggestions while browsing the Overdrive web catalog (  A user can have 10 items checked out with Overdrive at any time.  

Hoopla offers the same collection to all libraries- BCPL has no control over the titles available.  Hoopla offers formats for checkout that are not available in Overdrive, such as movies, TV shows, and music albums. While Hoopla also has new and popular books, it has a significant selection of older or “obscure” titles compared to Overdrive.  Because of Hoopla’s model, our library has a certain number of checkouts allowed system-wide in a day.  These limits reset at the end of the day.  A user can check out 10 Hoopla items in a month. 

Why don't you have this item in Overdrive? Why don't you have enough copies in Overdrive? Where did a book that you used to have go?  

We strive to maintain an Overdrive collection that is well-balanced and consistently updated with popular titles.  However, as digital books become more prevalent, library purchasing models are becoming more complicated.  Long story short, limits can be placed on total copies we can buy up-front, and on how long we can own a digital copy before needing to buy it again (this is called "metered access") 

Purchase prices can also be surprisingly high- It's not uncommon for a library to pay 3-4 times the price for a digital copy vs. the consumer cost in a digital store like Amazon.  We work within these limits, within our library budget, and with the suggestions of our patrons to curate our Overdrive collection.  

For more details on publisher-specific Overdrive purchasing limits, click here 

How do holds work with Overdrive?

On March 3, 2020, the "Deliver Later" feature was added to Overdrive to replace the former "Automatic Hold Checkout" system. Read more here!